Rambling Dog Publications creates, curates, and shares information for people passionate about animals.

Our goal? Deeper connections with the critters we invite into our lives–big and small, tame and wild, furred or feathered, finned or scaled.

Curious? Join our ramble to find thoughtful perspectives on human-animal interactions. Along the way we’ll dig up interesting information from near and far to help you develop rewarding relationships with the animals in your life. And what we discover might also help you create new connections with the humans in your life.

Gotta love what we can learn about all relationships from our animals!

Rambling Dog Explores

Human-Animal Relationships

Rambling Dog explores the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of human-animal relationships and presents those findings to curious readers. We investigate diverse perspectives on animal-related issues and encourage respectful dialogue in order to benefit both people who love animals and the animals that love them.


The Kennel Keeper

Family lore holds that author, journalist and photographer Bonnie Kreitler’s deep connection to animals began even before she started talking. As a child she devoured books about them. She began a career writing about them following a degree in Agricultural Communications from Michigan State University and has been at it ever since. Learning to meditate led to studies of intuitive techniques and energy healing including animal communication and reiki. She returned to her publishing roots when she started Rambling Dog Publications with a mission to help animals help people by exploring their multiple levels of connection.

The Rambling Dog

Meet the dog that inspired both our name and logo

Tory was one of 11 coal black pups born to a German shepherd mom who escaped for a tryst with the muscular hulk of a yellow Lab next door. She burst onto earth eager to learn and experience everything about life from beginning to end. She grew into 105-pounds of boundless energy and curiosity with a goofy charm that endeared her to all she met. She is one of the dogs illustrated in I Heard Your Dog Died and included, along with their stories, in the Pet Journal with Stories & Coloring Page coming out Summer 2019.