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You’re passionate about your pets. I get it. Human-animal relationships have always been important to me.

I’ve been an animal addict ever since I pushed a favorite bear through the gap between two fence pickets to share it with Sparky, the dog next door. That did not end well. Sparky was more interested in tearing than sharing.

But the incident did not dampen my passion for animals in the least.

That’s why Rambling Dog creates books and other resources to help you build rewarding relationships with the animals in your lives.

Ready to develop a deeper connection with the critters in your life?

When Winnie Went Away

A Gentle Pathway to Healing from the Loss of Your Beloved Pet

When a youngster confronts the painful loss of the family dog, an elderly neighbor offers a sympathetic ear. In a series of chats, they share stories of losing furry best friends. Their friendship deepens as, together, they work through the roller-coaster emotions of grief. But neither imagines the surprising end or their journey through grief.

The child’s struggles to overcome grief in When Winnie Went Away offer a healing pathway to anyone ages 9 to 99 feeling heartbroken at the loss of a dear companion.

A Dozen Dog Stories with Coloring Pages

The Extraordinary Stories of Twelve Real-Life dogs Brought to Life Through Magical Zentangle™ Art

Read the true-life stories of twelve dogs who inspired the illustrations in When Winnie Went Away.

Then grab your favorite pencils and color a beautiful Zentangle™ art full-page drawing of each dog to create your extraordinary storybook.

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