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Hi, I’m Bonnie Kreitler.

Award-winning journalist and author with an equal passion for writing and animals.

From one animal addict to another,
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First, What You Need to Know About Me (AKA the Kibble) ...

Family lore holds that my deep connection to animals began even before I started talking. I devoured books about animals, reading illustrated copies of Black Beauty and Aesop’s Fable until their bindings fell apart. 

As a child, I also printed and illustrated stories (the kind only a mother can love) and have rarely been without pencil, pen or keyboard nearby since.

Following a degree in Agricultural Communications from Michigan State University, my career began with writing about animals. I’ve been at it ever since.

Through Rambling Dog Publications, I collect, curate, and share information with fellow animal addicts about ways to care for, train, and communicate more clearly with the animals we welcome into our lives.

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Now, For the Juicy Morsels ...

My earliest published writing was a joint efffort with my sister Sue. We put together the YUK TUK DAILY BLAB, a one-sheet rag that combined bad jokes with neighborhood gossip, and peddled it door-to-door for a nickel.

We made copies with carbon paper (google it, Millennials) and our nickels bought a pack of Wrigley’s gum or chewy Kits taffy, each with enough pieces to share among sisters and friends.

I worked as an editor while earning an agricultural communications degree from Michigan State University. I continued in the publishing realm after graduation at the United States Department of Agriculture and Time-Life Books.

After making a move and starting a family, I worked as a freelance journalist and marketing consultant in the horse industry for over 25 years. With articles appearing regularly in over 200 equestrian publications, national consumer publications, and state business publications, I loved the equine industry. My book 50 Careers with Horses was a best seller in its niche.

My passion for connecting with animals goes beyond horses to all the critters in our lives.(delete the date) I started Rambling Dog Publications to return to my publishing roots and create resources to help fellow animals addicts better understand and develop their animal relationships.

Finally, What Actually Brought You Here (AKA the Little Biscuits) ...

If you’re an animal addict like me, this is what you really wanted to know about me. It’s why you’re here in the first place. Our shared passion for the critters that shape our lives.

Let me introduce you to some of the animals that have shaped my life.

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Growing up, my sisters and I had a little spotted mutt named Queenie. She came home with my sister Sue and me from a friend’s birthday celebration as a party favor. Our grandfather, a farmer, called her a “rat terrier.” Once she took ahold of a stick or toy, she held on with an iron grip. And dogs have been part of my life ever since.

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Tory (who inspired the Rambling Dog logo) was a coal-black, 105-pound Lab-Shepherd cross with one floppy ear. People were often wary of her size and appearance, but she never met anyone she didn’t like and her goofy personality charmed their socks off. She was a great companion for two rambunctious boys.

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Our first equine was a 9-hand (horse-speak for 36" tall at the top of his shoulder) pony named Casey. I enjoyed driving him. The kids enjoyed riding him. Curious and clever, he filled our lives with endless adventures. Casey retired with friends and lived to be 46. (So much for the alleged 3 horse years to 1 human year, right?)


I enjoyed years of trail riding and driving my mare Melodie until an injury forced her in retirement. Our grandkids got their first little-butts-in-the-saddle time on her back. Then they loved brushing and braiding her thick, curly mane and tail while she snoozed in the sun. Melodie lived to 34 and we were together for 25 of those years. She left a big hole in my heart.

Every interaction with animals, I believe, has led me to where I am today.

Animals & Writing

Learning to meditate led to studies of intuitive techniques and energy healing including animal communication and Reiki. In her final years, my mare Melodie pushed my understanding of animal communications to a deeper level. Then along came our street dog resume Jenni who pushed the way I understand “communications” in yet another direction. Learning never stops.

I count myself fortunate to enjoy a career that combines my love of animals with my writing skills. And I get to work from home, with a dog at my feet and a friend’s barn full of horses just down the road to mess with. Life is good.

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