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I Heard Your Dog Died: Imaginings for Those Who Have Lost a Pet

What do you say to a child when their beloved pet dies? When a youngster’s dog tragically, a caring neighbor comforts the youngster by imagining the dog as the central character in a Big Play. Their friendship deepens as, one-by-one, they work through the roller-coaster emotions of grief. And their story ends in a surprising way that neither quite imagined.


Pet Journal with Stories & Coloring Pages

The twelve dogs illustrated in I Heard Your Dog Died: Imaginings for Those Who Have Lost a Pet were real dogs who touched their owner’s hearts in significant ways. Read their real-life stories color their full-page pictures in this beautiful journal and keepsake album. Lots of pages for YOUR pet’s story which prompts to help you to capture special moments in your pet’s life.

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Sadie is one of 12 dogs whose stories and portraits are featured in Rambling Dog’s upcoming PET JOURNAL with Stories & Coloring Pages.

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