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Ever felt like people just don’t get it? Your passion for your pet doesn’t make you crazy—it makes you a better human.

Good news … I get it!

Your furry friends—horses to dogs to cats and everything in between—have helped make you the person you are today. 

Melodie, Casey, and Queenie did that for me, too.

Animal encounters continue to teach me valuable life lessons. And the more I learn to listen to their wisdom, the more I feel connected to each animal that crosses my path.

It’s the same for you, right?

That’s why I’m glad you’re here to join the Rambling Dog pack.

A Safe Space for People Passionate About Pets

Through the years, from childhood into adolescence and throughout adulthood, my favorite teachers have been animals.

Casey, our first pony. Melodie, my heart horse. Tory, the big black dog who showed us how to live life fully to its very last second. The tiny pink piglet who introduced me to animal communication.

They all taught me valuable life lessons that have made me who I am today.

As you read this, are you reminded of the animals who have taught you things about life?

Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted that special connection with your pet. But it’s felt just out of reach.

You can learn how to connect with your animals on a deeper level.

That’s the heart behind everything I write and create here.

Great stories that warm the heart and illuminate your soul.

Deep-dive books that increase your understanding of your animal companions.

Simple guides that clear the cutter and make it easy to focus on what matters.

That’s what you’ll find here at Rambling Dog Publications.

Stories & Resources for
Building Critter Connections

When Winnie Went Away

Written as an engaging fictional story, When Winnie Went Away is a compassionate guide through grief for anyone, young or old, who has ever loved and lost a pet.

dozen dog stories rambling dog

A Dozen Dog Stories With Coloring Pages

The extraordinary stories of twelve real-life dogs brought to life through magical Zentangle™ art.

Meet the Author

Bonnie Kreitler, Award-Winning Journalist & Author

I am an author, journalist, and life-long animal lover with a deep curiosity about things that enable humans to enrich their connections to the great and small creatures in their lives.

Under the banner of Rambling Dog Publications, I collect, curate, and share information with fellow animal addicts about ways to care for, train, and communicate more clearly with our house pets and other animals we welcome in our lives.

Along our ramble, I include quirky bits about wildlife, intuitive communications, and more to encourage animal lovers to expand their perceptions of the critters we love.

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