when winnie went away

When Winnie Went Away

A fictional guide through grief for anyone, young or old, who has ever loved and lost a pet

When a youngster confronts the painful loss of the family dog, an elderly neighbor offers a sympathetic ear.

“An inspiring and charming story filled with healing and spiritual wisdom. I highly recommend this helpful book for anyone who is recovering from a loss."

Trudy Griswold, Author of Angelspeake

How do you manage the heartbreak of pet loss?

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What do you do to fill the gaping hole in your heart when your pet isn’t there to greet you at the door, give you a whinnying welcome at the barn, or simply be your constant companion? The one always by your side.

How do you explain to your children it’s okay to grieve a furry family member? And give them healthy ways to move forward?

Through a fictional heartwarming story, When Winnie Went Away will show you how to honor your treasured memories and open yourself up to feeling love for a future pet.

“Gentle, simple, and compassionate…It is impossibly difficult to lose an animal companion. When Winnie Went Away is an invaluable resource for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet.”

Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA. Peaceable Paws LLC

Written in dialogue, like a play, When Winnie Went Away is a fictional guide through grief for parents and children—anyone, young or old—who loses a pet.

In a series of chats over time, a youngster and an elderly neighbor share stories of losing furry best friends. 

As they explore possibilities for transforming sorrow, dealing with blame, deflecting careless remarks, and keeping a pet’s memory alive, the child learns how:

  • Creating alternate stories can shift feelings
  • Remembering the ‘spark’ in all living things offers the possibility of reconnecting
  • Honoring a pet’s memory can lead to acceptance and closure
  • Harnessing the power of imagination creates the ability to heal

But neither neighbor imagines the surprising end to their explorations of pet loss.

“There are bereavement storybooks for young children and…detailed books for grieving adults, but not many books for people in between. The imaginings in this book…fill the gap and soothe heartache in a way not previously written about.”

Karen Shaw Becker DVM

More Praise for When Winnie Went Away

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“Great book for adults and children. So much valuable insight that we can use in life.”
Marlene Pero, Librarian

“This story guides the reader gently, lovingly, and imaginatively along a path that starts to heal the feelings of sorrow and loss that occur when a beloved pet dies…A great book for children as well as adults!”
Kate Kennedy, EqTPM, CST Equine Muscle Therapist

“Unique, original, insightful…. Although a work of fiction, When Winnie Went Away has an undeniable resonance with real world experiences of children and their families who have lost beloved pets.”
Mary Cowper, Midwest Review of Books

“Some books come to you for a certain time in your life. This is one of those books. This is an exceptionally written, beautifully crafted book about grief for our animals and what it means to us….I urge everyone grieving the loss of any pet to read this book.”
L. Reed, NetGalley

When Winnie Went Away is a beautifully crafted, multi-dimensional exploration of the concept of death to help children understand and process loss—and life! Kreitler delivers her healing messages uniquely and creatively, always reminding us that at the heart of everything is love.”
Lisa Jacoby, Professional Development Coach/Consultant

Meet the Author

Bonnie Kreitler, Award-Winning Journalist & Author

I am an author, journalist, and life-long animal lover with a deep curiosity about things that enable humans to enrich their connections to the great and small creatures in their lives.

Under the banner of Rambling Dog Publications, I collect, curate, and share information with fellow animal addicts about ways to care for, train, and communicate more clearly with our house pets and other animals we welcome in our lives.

Along our ramble, I include quirky bits about wildlife, intuitive communications, and more to encourage animal lovers to expand their perceptions of the critters we love.

When Winnie Went Away is a comforting read for...

Pet Lovers of All Ages

From 9 to 99, if you have loved and lost a pet, this story will speak directly to your heart and encourage you to keep going.

Pet Owners at Any Stage of Grief

Because grief is a process, you’ll be inspired and encouraged by this book whether your pet just recently passed away or it has been some time yet you still find yourself struggling with the loss.

Pet Owners Feeling Hopeless

You’ll learn how to honor the treasured memories of your beloved companion while holding space in your heart to love a future pet.

If you’ve ever loved and lost a treasured pet and struggled to figure out how to move forward while still honoring your beloved companion, When Winnie Went Away will soothe your soul.